Entrepreneurship is a growing trend apparently more importance every day in Turkey. Not only entrepreneurs are special but all companies, especially entrepreneurs with much more consistent strategies, have an issue that I am very fond of. AHA Impact.

You've developed a great product, people will really love and use it to get to know your product. However, when looking at the statistics of your site, you see that 80% of the users who come to your site do not click anywhere else on your site. So your Bounce Rate is above 80%. Which means that the money you give to your Adwords or Facebook ads is definitely going down in the 5s. How can you reduce the Bite Bounce Rate? Below is a screenshot of a 10-month change in the bounce rate of a brand I managed before I started listing it as material. A 5-month work ending theme, etc. bounce rate from 80% to 23% without changing:

Catching the AHA Effect

The AHA effect is actually to say that on the first visit to a site "I found heh". How do we tell this to people? No, I will not say "Content is king", which has become cliché. The event has a size much larger than your content.

1. Recognize the Visitors

It does not mean what universities they go to, or what their monthly incomes are. There is no big impact on the SES group's internet usage habits. What is important for us is how long a user can read a story, how it should be enjoyed by the images. How do we know the habits of users who come to my site? There are two different tools I can recommend for this.

Kissmetrics and Mixpanel

What do people do when they come to your site? Mixpanel and Kissmetrics segment your users by making your movements meaningful. For example, e-commerce responds to your question on the site most of the time on which days you are searching for "shoes" and responds with the user's city, operating system and browser times. According to events you build, you can get answers to hundreds of specific problems.

2- Learn what is going on the first visit

Find out what you are doing on your first visit to that important place where you will meet your visitors and possibly decide whether to give you another occasion. Many business owners ask, "Is there a big brother of our teaser Hussein, let's call him if he can use it?" And he insults the designer and the designer, which will not come to mind. (from within) It is a great opportunity for you to examine the actions that users have taken since entering the site. Nobody may have understood your Landing Page design, or your site may not be working in some browsers as you never imagined. Again, Mixpanel and Kissmetrics can show you step-by-step how users who visit your site for the first time.

3- Simulation

On their first visit, we determined what the users did. Now is the time to act like a user and solve the troubles.

  1. Signed in from my desktop
  2. He wrote his name and surname
  3. Added profile picture
  4. Tutorial finished
  5. API granted
  6. He created his first content
  7. We came back 3 times in the last 6 days after our first visit

Are our users really expecting our users while they are doing this? At what point do we live the most loss? If the users do not add the profile picture, or if the next step is going on, we will make more impressive updates and move on to the A / B Test phase.

4 - Find Track

It's the primary factor for us to figure out why users are behaving this way. We can not find a solution without detecting the problem. At this point, I would recommend following the Khan Academy's Correlation and Causality video. You need to transform your site into the most effective form by measuring how the users you have allocated to the segments respond to the changes you have made.

Correlation and Causality

5- A / B Test

How long have your changes in your site been effective? As a result of Split A / B Tests, how much has the click-through rate of the users changed according to each segment? This data must be tested both on the Mixpanel and on the Heat Map, and the contents must be optimized according to all the changes.

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